Asia exhibit at the Victoria and Albert Museum
Collection of art and artifacts from various portions of Asia. This includes online lessons and games.

Casa Historia
Curricular resources for modern history topics such as imperialism and decolonization.

Exploring African History
Resource for African history that includes maps, timelines, narratives, and sources that are organized by period and theme.

Internet History Sourcebooks Project
This website includes thousands of sources organized by period (ancient, medieval, modern) and by world region. The sources are both primary and include resources such as maps and charts.

Perry-Castañeda Map Collection at the University of Texas-Austin
World’s largest online collection of maps, which includes all types of maps from historical to contemporary.

Sasanika: Late Antique Near East Project
This website contains primary and secondary source documents relating to the Sasanian empire, an important empire in the first millennium C.E.

Visualizing Cultures
Topical units to date focus on unique visual primary source collections from modern Japan and China. The thrust of these explorations extends beyond Asia per se, however, to address “culture” in much broader ways—cultures of modernization, war and peace, consumerism, images of “Self” and “Others,”.

World History Connected
Online journal that includes discussions about teaching world history, articles on current research in world history, book reviews, and lesson plans.

World History for Us All
Curriculum with lesson plans, PowerPoints, and background information for world history that is aligned to the national standards.

World History Matters
Resource for world history sources for teachers. Offers links to primary source resources, teaching guides and a link to Women in World History.

Women in World History
Resources such as primary sources, lessons, essays, and case studies useful for teaching world history.

Women in World History Lessons
A collection of primary source-based lessons(short and easy to implement) for world history.

The Story of India – For Teachers | PBS
A PBS lesson plan examining India’s role in world history, from ancient to modern times.