Untitled design (1)Professional Development:  Professional learning workshops and instructional resources to support teachers in disciplinary understanding and academic literacy.  We provide trainings in inquiry-based instruction and historical thinking skills that address the Common Core, History Social Science Content Standards, and the California Framework to facilitate greater student engagement.

Untitled design (2)Content Workshops:  The UCI History Project offers workshops for teachers to delve deeply into a historical topic and to work with colleagues to implement standard-aligned lessons.  Primary and secondary source readings and writings are a part of each workshop. Topics address United States history (such as California History, Reconstruction, The Progressive Era) and world history (such as the Ancient world, trade in the medieval world, the French Revolution, the Holocaust, and the Cold War).

Untitled design (5)Writing in the History ClassroomOur research-based and discipline-specific literacy program, Teaching Writing: Planning and Implementing a Standards-Based Program, has been developed by teachers and scholars to provide educators a way to meet the demands outlined by the Common Core Standards. Through this program, teachers will receive training in writing instruction for history students and will also receive the program’s curriculum binder with strategies, resources and activities to help integrate history writing into your classroom.

Untitled design (3)Assessments:  This workshop helps direct teachers in the area of assessments in the post-No Child Left Behind (NCLB) world. We provide support in developing both formative and summative skills-aligned assessments with a focus on analytic reading and writing. We also provide training in Smarter Balance (SBAC) Preparation, and teach educators how to optimize and use the SBAC format for their own content assessments.

Untitled design (4)Lesson Study Training and Implementation: The UCIHP provides training for teachers and districts in the practice of Lesson Study, a collaborative teaching and research workshop-process. In addition to guiding teachers through the development of a research lesson, the UCIHP coordinates and facilitates group implementation of the lesson. Lesson study offers teachers the chance to improve and reflect upon instructional practices and helps forge and strengthen Professional Learning Communities.

Untitled design (9)Digital Humanities Training: This workshop introduces teachers to digital instructional resources (Library of Congress, National Archives, et. al.) for history-social science teachers. Teachers will receive training in how to navigate the profusion of educational websites and will learn to create web-based lessons, assessments, and research projects.


Untitled design (8)History Blueprint Training:  The UCI History Project offers training in the History Blueprint Curriculum— which includes units on The Civil War, The Cold War and Sites of Encounter: The Medieval World. The History Blueprint is aligned to both the emerging HSS Content Framework and the Common Core and offers primary and secondary sources, and strategies for developing critical thinking and literacy. History Blueprint Workshops include expert modeling, mentoring and collaborative support to enhance academic literacy and student learning.