Media Literacy for Civic Engagement (Summer 2020 Workshop)

June 29 – July 1, 2020

How can we prepare our students to be informed citizens given our current media landscape?

This summer workshop will provide teachers an opportunity to learn about the specific skills that are required to be critical readers of media. Experts will provide context for us to consider important historical trends and events that have shaped the way we consume and communicate political ideas. Teachers will have time to collaborate to develop lessons to implement into their classrooms, receive lessons and strategies, and have access to all materials. Registration also includes free parking and breakfast. Teachers who attend the series can apply for UCI Extension credit.

Each workshop will be from 8:45-3:00 at UCI. The cost is $300 per teacher.


  1. Register & pay by credit card here
  2. Email a purchase order or mail a check made out to the UC Regents, please include the name, email, and school and district of the teacher(s) who will attend and send to: Samantha Engler (, 200 Krieger Hall Irvine, CA 92697

Teaching with Primary Sources: Youth as Changemakers (Summer 2020 Workshop)

June 23 – June 25, 2020

This program in partnership with UCLA History and Geography Project and funded by Teaching with Primary Sources program will explore the history of youth activism. The workshop will allow teachers to deepen their knowledge through content presentations by historians. Teachers will also have the opportunity to explore the rich collection of primary sources at the Library of Congress. Registration also includes free parking and breakfast. Teachers who attend the series can apply for UCI Extension credit.

Each workshop will be from 8:45-3:00 at CSU Dominguez Hills


To register, visit UCLA’s registration website:


7th Grade Workshop Series

Sites of Encounter for 7th Grade World History teachers. By studying sites of encounter we will deepen our understandings about the interconnectedness of the world, while also focusing on the historical individuals who engaged in the sharing of goods and ideas. Our lessons will center on primary sources that are relevant for middle school students, including maps, travel narratives, letters, and artwork. To support teachers’ implementation we will share research-based strategies to develop students’ ability to comprehend, analyze, and discuss evidence. Our goal is to support teachers to implement sites of encounter in a way that is strategic  and meaningful for your classroom goals, rather than adding more content to your full curriculum.

October 17, 2019 Timbuktu Details Register Online
January 16, 2020 Florence Details Register Online
March 18, 2020 Cuzco Details Register Online

11th Grade Workshop Series

United States Intervention in the Pacific Region for 11th grade US History teachers. We would like to facilitate a discussion of the ways that the US has engaged in the Pacific world—through trade, colonization, war, and diplomacy. Teachers will discuss the current historiography of each region as well as receive lessons based on first-hand accounts. These resources will include oral histories, literature, and art, so that students can have opportunities to consider the voices of the people engaged in the development of that Pacific world. By framing modern US history through a Pacific lens, our goal is to also shine a light on the Californians who are the immigrants and descendants of immigrants of the people of the Pacific world. Each session will allow teachers to consider how the US, and particularly California, has been impacted by our intervention in the Pacific world.

November 13, 2019 U.S. Expansion in the Pacific: Hawaii and the Philippines Details Register Online
December 5, 2020 Korean War (free workshop, sponsored by the Korean Consulate) Details Register Online
March 4, 2020 Cold War in Central America Details Register Online